Unsubscribed Clients Still Showing Relevant Content

When we patched our environment to 9.1.1229, one of our client groups that is in place for SCA suddenly subscribed all endpoints to one of our SCA sites. This was due to a bug in 9.1.1229. We recently patched to 9.2 and have found that all clients unsubscribed successfully from the site. However, there are a small handful of clients that are still showing relevant content from the SCA site.

I see the same clients on all consoles as well as in the web reports so something in the database is saying these machines are still subscribed to the site and evaluating that data. But since the clients aren’t actually subscribed, they can’t evaluate the content to show it’s not relevant to them. How do I go about fixing that?

EDIT: I would like to try to avoid resetting the clients if at all possible.

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I performed a workaround by subscribing the unsubscribed clients to the site by computer name, wait for the client to sync the content, then unsubscribe the client. Seems to have done the trick for now but I wonder if there may have been an easier way?

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