Unmanaged Asset tab date format

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In all of the other BigFix tabs the date displays in DD/MM/YY format but only in the Unmanaged Assets tab it displayed as MM/DD/YY. Is it possible to change the date format for this tab? The current format doesn’t sort very well due to this issue as well. When I have sorted by date I can have a group of 5/10/2010 PCs at the top followed by 5/12/2010 PCs then 5/7/2010 PCs. We’re currently living in our unmanaged asset tab because we’re doing some scheduled scanning to see how many additional licenses we need to purchase to cover all of our networks.

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It looks like the datetime fields within my unmanaged assets tab is correct on my installation.

Could you provide additional details like which version of the console you are running?

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I’m running console as well. It seems fine in all the other tabs just not in unmanaged assets. Which is the tab I was living in for a few months as I was scanning our non BigFix managed networks. My PC Regional settings are all set to Australia.