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i have a Microsoft hotfix that I need to deploy to many servers, but its not listed under fixlets. How can I add this hotfix so its part of the fixlets ?


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I believe IBM only commits to creating Security related content.

You can write the Fixlet yourself. I suggest looking at similar Fixlets and use them as a starting point. You will need to create a Custom Site to store the fixlet(s) in, and subscribe the appropriate systems to it.

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What hotfix is it? Someone in the community might have already written a fixlet for it

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the fixes are part of this KB


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I didn’t see it listed on bigfix.me and I haven’t needed that in my environment. Looking at the KB page it won’t be hard for you to write a fixlet yourself.

You’ll just need to check for the version of this file “System.directoryservices.dll”. If you go to the “File Information” section of that KB it will tell you what version it will patch to. Just copy/edit a similar fixlet and change the relevance to this file and you should be good to go. You can use the Fixlet Creation Wizard to get you most of the way there