Unix Patching Method


I want to know which method is good to use for Unix Patching.

  • Already configured Local Repository with SuSE / RHEL
  • Vendor download method with subscription
  • can we have Bigfix based repository?


Please see the Red Hat user guide here:

And the SuSE user guide here:

to consider the options each solution offers.

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Ok , Thanks for your reply , can you please let me know which one is the preferred method on Bigfix stand point?

It depends on what your requirements are. Is your BigFix server allowed to download from the Red Hat and SuSE vendor’s sites? If the server is allowed to download from the vendor’s sites directly then the download cacher plugin method utilizing relays is preferable. If you BigFix server deployment is air-gapped and in an isolated network, then the custom repository method is required.

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ok got it Thanks…