Unable to log in to the Bigfix console


I tried to log in to Bigfix.
However, if the “Untrusted Server” window appears and you click OK, nothing happens and you return to the login window.
Clearing the console cache data is the same.
What should we do?

Thank you

If you open a browser to https://BIGFIXSERVER:PORT/rd do you get a certificate error in the browser?

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If you try to connect, it happens as below.

I’m aware of very platform-specific issue that has a symptom like this, that occurs if you have a BigFix client on the Console machine, tied to a different BigFix deployment from what the Console is trying to access. Is that the case for yours?

I’ve seen this occur when the Client’s deployment has Enhanced Security turned on, but the deployment the Console is connecting to does not. I’ve worked around it by enabling Enhanced Security on the server the Console is trying to reach.

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