Unable to Copy folders uploaded through the Software Distribution Wizard

I used the Software Distribution Wizard to upload folders and their content into BigFix. Now I’m trying to copy the folders to a server. I haven’t been successful. Please help. This is what I have so far.

prefetch 4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738 sha1:4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738 size:9960656411 http://BES:52311/Uploads/4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738/oracle18c.tmp sha256:71e0e05cfb29a2ea3aa40d6964d5e6f64e1b88c6059f7a8066e437902626bde5
extract 4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738

dos mkdir c:\Oracle18c
move __Download\4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738 c:\Oracle18c

When you extract the archive you’ll end up with a new set of files based on whatever was in the archive to begine with; but after extracting, you are still trying to move the original archive. You need to copy the archive content instead.


remove the extract statement and add

dos copy __Download\4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738 c:\Oracle18c

How about

folder create "c:\Oracle18c"
extract 4e71d401317c422e3c9bdf4c356c207a2f052738 "c:\Oracle18c"

I’ve never had success creating folders on the root of c with software distribution.

folder create “C:\bginfo” never creates the directory.

Fair comment, and not what I do normally, I’m just following the OP’s scheme.

Also, for security, you should never create anything in c:\temp from a process with elevated rights.

That worked perfectly. Thanks!