Trying to Run a Linux/Mac sh Script in a BigFix Action

Hi All,

Similar issue, I followed the steps but the install command keep running with exit code 0. But not installing

folder create “/home/IT”
wait chmod a+rwx “/home/IT”
folder create “/home/IT/VPN”
wait chmod a+rwx “/home/IT/VPN”
wait /bin/sh -c “tar -zxvf __Download/cisco-secure-client-linux64- -C /home/IT/VPN”
// Change shell script permissions to execute wait /bin/sh -c “(cd /home/IT/VPN/cisco-secure-client-linux64- && chmod +x”
// Run the script wait /bin/sh -c “(cd /home/IT/VPN/cisco-secure-client-linux64- && ./”

Last step shows keep on running, other steps work fine.

You should probably start a new thread, this may not be related to the original issue.

Have you tried the manually? Chances are that it is trying to prompt for some parameters. You might need to find options to install unattended.

Thank You. It works fine manually.