TRC - GroupLabel Registry Key Work?

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Dear All:

We need register target on two diferent targets groups. We test the “GroupLabel” key but it do not work on a already registry machine and on new regritry machine.

Exist a way to do this?


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You can only specify one group per target, but you also need to make sure you enable this capability in the file:


The label for the group that this target should be assigned to, if this feature is enabled on the server. To enable this feature you must edit the file and set = true. See the IBM Tivoli Remote Control Administrator’s Guide for details of editing the properties files. Default value is DefaultTargetGroup.


This parameter will be discarded if the target is already registered in the IBM Tivoli Remote Control server.

The target group specified must already be present on the server.


If you need to register a target against more than one group, you may want to consider the target membership ruler:



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Thanks Pati it Work for me! Great Job!

Pati please, can you read this thread?

We dont open a PMR already, any idea?

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I am afraid not, I have not seen this issue before. I agree with Chris, a pmr would be best so we can look at the relevant log files, etc …