Total Space of System drive<2048 MB

Hi All,

Please help me to find out systems in our environment whose Total space of System drive <2048 Mb through web reports.

As I tried through webreport using below criteria but it doesn’t help.

Please help.


Create a Managed Property named: Free Disk Space on System Drive Greater Than 2GB

With relevance of: (free space of drive of parent folder of system folder /1048576) > 2048

It will tell you True if there is more than 2GB and False if it isn’t.


Another approach currently would be to create a custom report (which allows you to perform operations/calculations and manipulate property results) with session relevance such as:

names of computers of results whose (((preceding text of last " " of value of it) as integer)<1024*2) of BES properties whose (name of it = "Total Size of System Drive")

As a note, here’s a somewhat related RFE that might be of interest:

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