Tools Updated: CentOSR2 Download Plugin v1.0.0.6 and CentOS R2 Download Cacher v1.0.0.6

The tools CentOS R2 Download Plugin and CentOS R2 Download Cacher have been updated.
Updated Tools Version:
CentOS R2 Download Plugin, version
CentOS R2 Download Cacher, version
Reasons for update:
Tools have been updated to include to handle the defect resulting out of special characters in the package names for Amazon Linux 2.
Actions to take:
CentOS R2 Download Plugin v1.0.0.6 is available in the Manage Download Plugins dashboard of the Patching Support site.
CentOS R2 Download Cacher v1.0.0.6 is available here -
Published site version:
Patching Support, version 993
Application Engineering Team

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