The Wake on LAN request failed. Unexpected server error: class NotAn IPSubnet"

According to the changelist with , this problem was fixed…
Im still getting in on a machine that its last report time was 4/19/16 on a 198.82 subnet
I did have a PMR for it but that got closed a little while back as the team knew about it…
Before I open a new PMR, could this be bcause the system hasnt reported back since the update (yesterday) ?
clients are and

Are there any updates on this? Did the client check in get rid of the WOL error? I’d rather not open a PMR if the vendor is already aware of the issue.

The clients in question will need to report and re-register to get the fix in so updating to 9.5.2 is the first step. This should flush out as the clients whose reports caused the issue get refreshed. The issue is on the server side but the client reporting is needed to clear it up.