Test BigFix 8.2 Relay on CentOS

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hi @all,

has anyone test a relay installation on centos? Basically it works fine, but

I get this error in the fixlet-debugger on the Client when it is connected over a centos relay.

q: version of current relay

E: No inspector context.

q: evaluation of client license = false

E: No inspector context.

q: version of registration server

E: No inspector context.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks Andi

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Once again.

I also get this messages over redhat 4 or 5 relay?

version of current relay >= “8.2”

Error: No inspector context.

What does this error mean?

Thanks Andi

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The Fixlet debugger doesn’t run in the same way (context) as the actual Agent. So, some operators (e.g. version of current relay) will complain when running through the debugger versus being run though a Fixlet targeted at an Agent.

The Windows version of the Fixlet debugger has an option that allows you to change the context (see attached image) but I don’t think that feature exits on other platforms.

It’s not ideal, but the workaround is to create a test Fixlet that runs that query.

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that works fine.

Thanks Andi