Task Offer mechanism in BigFix

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Anyone can tell me how’s the Task Offer mechanism in bigFix ?

i have several software to offer to technicians group so they can install them from any workstations. i had compile them to a single baseline called “technicians software install”. but it turn out that on the workstations, technicians could only see one single baseline to offer but not listed all the software that i had compiled on the baseline.

is there any way where i could offer several software for technicians and on their workstations, they could see all of the software offer and accept the right one.

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Hi fnovento,

To offer a number of individual Fixlets, you will need to individually take action on the Fixlets and select the offer option (you can use a “Preset” to simplify this process). When you put them in a baseline and offer the baseline, it will install all the software in one offer.