Synchronization (Demo) Script Error

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I’m viewing the BigFix Labs > Sites dashboard to enable new functionality. I’ve clicked the “agree” checkbox for “Synchornization (Demo)” but when I click on the “enable synchronization (demo) site” link, i get a script error popup (line 0, char 0, Script Error) see attachment.

is there a fix for this/

(imported comment written by liuhoting)

Yeah I see the same problem. I’m currently investigating the fix with platform. The weird thing is that if you subscribe to the sychronization (demo) manually via a masthead file, this problem disappears when you unsubscribe and try to resubscribe via the Bigfix Labs dashboard.

If you still need the Synchronization Demo site working, you can poke me off the forums and I can just give you the Synchronization (demo) masthead, since you would be entitled to that anyways. I’m at