SUA 1.3 , Error in generating Contract Reports

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I’ve been getting an issue using SUA 1.3.

I’m not sure if this is a hardcoded limit but when I reach around 500 Contracts in SUA 1.3

I get this error

“There is not enough data to generate contract reports. You may need to run an Import to make information about the License Unit available.”

I know it’s not a License unit error as I’ve deleted contracts and added different ones it works fine, but as soon as I enter 1 more contract it tips the scales and generates this error.

Anyone know of a work around or this? Upgrading the SUA to the new versions is not an option.

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I can confirm that there is limit in 500 contracts for SUA 1.3.

This limitation was removed from 2.2, currently I am not aware of work around.