Strange behavior with superseded patches?

This seems like a reasonable request to me. Would you mind opening an RFE?


I don’t have a custom report prepared that would do this, but it should certainly be possible to create.

Might try tracking the remediation of March’s “Security Only Quality Update” instead. While still a bundle, they are not rollups. Thus, they are not superseded each month. We deploy the “Monthly Security Monthly Quality Rollup” fixlets, but for questions regarding MS17-010, I mostly use the fixlets classified as “Security Only Quality Update” bundles. I also only have to support patching on Windows Server OSes only so this may not work for the client OSes.

  • Windows 2008 - Custom copy of KB4012598 because it has been superseded by KB4018466
  • Windows 2008 R2/7 - KB4012212
  • Windows 2012 - KB4012214
  • Windows 2012 R2 - KB4012213
  • Windows 2016 - KB4013429

If customers are still complaining because the exact KB# wasn’t deployed, might need to take the time to educate on the new servicing model for Windows OS.


Hi All,

i have raised RFE 106222 to change this functionality as its really impacting Bigfix patch compliance accuracy

Can you please link me to that RFE, let me vote if that is specific to this issue.