[Solved]How to confirm the settings of roles assignments computer?

In our bigfix servers, there are many role settings and each role have particular assigned computer groups.
If the settings are incorrect, bigfix user cannot operate their computers.
So we want to confirm the role and assignment computer groups are set correctly in simple way.
I think relevance or REST API cannot reach to this settings.
Is there any good idea?

I noticed that the settings of Role-AssignmentComputers is saved in ROLES Table of BFEnterprise DB.
Via SQL, I got informations that I wanted.
The data is saved as binary, so when selected the data, it must to be casted as string.
SQL and sample execution result is below.


,(REPLACE(CAST((CAST(Computers as varbinary(max))) as varchar(max)),CHAR(10),' ' )) AS ComputerAssignments
FROM [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[ROLES]
Where IsDeleted = 0

Sample execution result(with Powershell and SQLPS)