Software Distribution updated for uninstallation & App-V support

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IBM is pleased to announce an update to Tivoli Endpoint Manager Windows Software Distribution. Tivoli Endpoint Manager Software Distribution, which is part of the Lifecycle Management suite, provides a high performance package library and automation toolkit for endpoint administrators managing Windows workstations and servers. The updated User’s Guide may be downloaded from here:

New Features

  • Microsoft App-V Support – Import, deploy, and configure Microsoft App-V clients and sequenced packages for Windows systems. This capability relies on the “Client Manager for Application Virtualization” site, which is available to Lifecycle Management customers through the BES License Overview dashboard. Tivoli Endpoint Manager Platform 8 is required.
  • Integrated automatic creation of uninstallation Fixlets for MSI and App-V packages via Task wizard or “Create Default Tasks” button.

Published site versions:

Software Distribution, version 3

Client Manager for Application Virtualization, version 2

Actions to Take:

Lifecycle Management customers on 8.x platforms will see the new Client Manager for Application Virtualization site under BigFix Management > License Overview. This site should be subscribed to the TEM Server and any Windows workstations which need to use App-V clients and sequenced application packages.

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Is there any intent on having similar support for VMware ThinApp?

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Hi John,

You should be able to deploy ThinApp sequenced packages as if they were non-virtual applications. As in any other scenario where you’re repackaging your software, care must be taken to assure proper usage tracking. We’ll continue to look at virtual package formats for ways to add value with TEM-LM.