Software Detection Relevance Wizard?

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After performing the same task to many times to count, we figured we would put a request in for a, in our opinion, much needed feature.

When building a software install using the wizards, wouldn’t it be fancy if we were also given a handy analysis to detect said software after it is installed? I have to admit this is being driven by my own needs - coming up with relevance to detect said software is sometimes tricky.

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I am certainly not promising anything, but just wanted to say that our new and upcoming release of BigFix Software Distribution will have some cool features that you will like…


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we’ve just released the new Software Distribution tool referenced above. Please see the forum post here:

For MSI packages, we’ll produce Fixlet relevance that detects if that package is already installed to prevent re-applications. That relevance is easily modified if you’d like to get more or less stringent, add requirements, &c.



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I put in for the license seconds after the email hit my inbox. Just waiting on it to test out the new goodies. Thanks!