Software deployment

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i’m trying to deploy 2 pieces software

client OS: windows 7 x64

1: LYNC 2013 client

2: samwin agent

I’m facing some issues, and i need guideance to troubleshooting.

BES client runs under local system account


I have made a transform file for the Lync client, If I run the installer by hand everything is working fine. software is installed, no pop-ups of GUI is shown, as expected.

Then I run distribute the package with TEM 9, the installation is starting, but the installer process is stuckt… and keep sitting in the processlist… SOftware is not installed and task ends in status “failed” then computer is restartet.

if I run the exact same package through the computer startup script (in local system context) - software is installed just fine

software is installed from the c:\lync2013\


The Samwin agent software installation is wrapped in a bat file for - again If I run the batfile everything is working fine, the I run through TEM, task end is status “completed” but software is not installed…

Software is installed to “c:\samwin” folder

There can go, for further troubleshooting?

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First, you can always file a ticket with support and they should be able to give you a hand.

What you’ll probably want to do is give support your software distribution tasks that you’re run and all pertinent information about this problem. For example, it’d be really helpful to see your samwin agent .bat file.

Actually, if you posts those things to this forum, folks here can take a look and maybe give you some pointers as well.

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thanks, I managed to fix the samwin installation by extracting the MSI file and installe through msiexec - but not my preferred choice.

I will contact the support team