Slow client registrations

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to start with, I clone client drives…and as instructed, I stop the client…del the three reg keys and the bes client data folder as well. I hadnt noticed a problem with the registration process until trend patch. Was curious if there were some other steps i needed to take. the process is…at this moment being followed to the “T”. After I get Windows installed, updated, drivers installed.etc… I install BigFix…update BigFix Client and deploy AV solution “Trend” then stop the service. I then regedit and remove the 3 keys…and then the client data folder.

I had some machines yesterday finally register with the server…after about an hour…but the ones im working on today have yet to register…

appreciate any input


well its seems by the time i posted this they registered…took about 70 minutes…why so long?

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Hi Macideus,

Do you mean “registered” or “first reported”?

Can you post a snippet from the client log?