Skype Fixlet SHA1 Mismatch and Possible New Silent Commands

It appears the prefetch hashes for Skype are not the correct ones since we are getting this when attempting to patch in the Download Details box of the Action:

Download error: “Error processing completed download: Requested sha1 45efd3419114121bc4e99bf52b09204a114f7b61 does not match actual sha1 d9dd977e3ee500b399021b17d3509e3d97c0400d”
Download requested on server:
Hash: (sha1)45efd3419114121bc4e99bf52b09204a114f7b61
Size: 43,688,576 bytes

When downloading the link above, the following hashes work and the version of this app when installed is

prefetch Skype_Setup.exe sha1:d9dd977e3ee500b399021b17d3509e3d97c0400d size:43688576 sha256:91ed3573dac114ff0b45430953fe022db42d6b6853f44498f688605539174036

Also, there might be something funky with the installer - since it doesn’t update Skype reliably even when running manually.

Thanks @cdh for reporting this!
Skype has updated the installer for version
Fixlet 5055201 has been updated and released to version 836 of site Updates for Windows Applications.