Set Relay Diagnostic to Enabled

I am trying to create a Fixlet to enable the Relay Diagnostic to Enable. However, when I deploy the fixlet it just fails and doesn’t update the client setting.
My relevance is

not exists setting “_BESRelay_Diagnostics_Enable” of client

and action is

setting “_BESRelay_Diagnostics_Enable”=“1”

Is there a different method or way to update the client settings?

this is what I use:


exists main gather service or exists relay service

not exists setting "_BESRelay_Diagnostics_Enable" whose (value of it as string = "1") of client


setting "_BESRelay_Diagnostics_Enable"="1" on "{now}" for client

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Instead of using {now} as your time stamp for the client setting, consider using

setting "_BESRelay_Diagnostics_Enable"="1" on "{parameter "action issue date" of action}" for client

The reason is somewhat subtle. If you use Now, this action will override settings that might be set in the future.
If you use Action Issue Date then this action will not override actions you might take in the future to manipulate this same setting.


Those did the trick! Appreciate it and the tip brolly33.