Session Relevance report for monthly patching

Hi, I’m trying to create report (Custom) that would be send out daily for specifc audience to show the Patch compliancy for the month.
Format would be something like below (using dummy numbers)
Computers online in last 14 days: 100
Computers not compliant: 5
% compliant: 95%

I’ve got the session relevance for "Computers online in last 14 days)

number of names of members whose (last report time of it > now-14*day) of bes computer groups whose (id of it = )

I’ve found session relevance for 2nd item using BES Fixlet and applicable computer count
I would need to modify this one to only show computers subscribed to certain site or member of certain group
if I try below I keep getting time-outs so looking for smarter way to filter either sitename or group membership

sum of (applicable computer count of it) of (bes fixlets whose (name of it as lowercase contains “kb5030211” Or name of it as lowercase contains “kb5030219” Or name of it as lowercase contains “kb5030217”)) of subscribed computers of bes custom sites whose (name of it is contained by set of (“”))

I’ve also hardcoded the monthly patches is there easy way to create parameter filter so we can just update report at beginning of patch cyle with the different patches and have it run accordingly

Any help would be appreciated, Thx!