Server is Decommissioned the also it reporting to IBM Bigfix

Hi All,

Server team has confirmed that one of the Server has been decommissioned but I can see that server still reporting to IBM Bigfix Console but I am not able to Ping this Server.

How this is possible. ???

The ping response might be being blocked by a firewall so its not uncommon to have pings not respond. If the agent is still reporting the machine is obviously still there.

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Okay that sound good. Not sure why Server team is saying that this server has been decommissioned.

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Possibly a different system with the same host name? I have seen that happen before.


Or the task that the server was doing is gone and the machine is sitting there doing nothing in particular, so its decommissioned from that standpoint


I can see host name is same but they are having different Ip address.

Thanks @TheTick…Info was helpful

Check the ‘Agent Type’ property. If it’s a real BES Client installed, it should report ‘Native’. Otherwise it could be one of several different types of ‘Proxy’ agents - for instance a Bare Metal machine definition, or a VMWare Proxy that will still report as long as the VM exists, even if the VM is not powered on.

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I have included Agent type Property and out is Negative

Strange, I’ve never heard of “Negative”.

Are you using Asset Discovery? Maybe the IP address was picked up on an nmap scan?

oops sorry …My mistake …Output is Native

In that case, the system really is there if it’s reporting.

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