Server error: "HttpRestartableBadHttpStatus"

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Hi there

I have pulled over the Java fixlet from the BES Support site

Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 18 Available (JRE < 6 Installed)

I have downloaded this - “jre-6u18-windows-i586.exe” and renamed “2ac1c99f4652b2a2aaa971c2d4a45ad78c6b3e0a”

and placed in the BES Server download cache

I am getting this upon trying to deploy the download.



Server error: “HttpRestartableBadHttpStatus”

send retry request to server

Which indicates it cant download it. I open the cache on the server and i can see that BigFix has taken the file and I cant see it.

Any help much appreciated?

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I’m pretty sure you’ve done something wrong in there. So, you’re positive you have the correct file, the correct sha1 value, you’ve named the file the correct sha1 value, and you’ve put the sha1 file in the server’s sha1 directory? I’m not sure what you mean by, “BigFix has taken the file”. The fixlet description should have a link to a kb article on the subject.

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I have a similar issue because the file name seems to be different when i download it from the java site and is a different sha1 value.

Filename: jre-6u18-windows-i586-s.exe"

sha1 6c1862804dff2353a0cedb755d0dcc898faf7f0c

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I found the correct version. Check out this link for more information. I hope this helps others