Seconds, thirds, fourths?

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Is there a way to parse by anything other than the first or last iteration in a string of text? Example:

following texts of firsts “”

What if I want the text following the second or third “”?

Thank you for your time in advance!

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This should work:

(following texts of firsts “” of it) of (following texts of firsts “” of it) of (following texts of firsts “” of it) of “\this\is\a\test”

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Here is another way to do it:

Q: parenthesized parts (1;2;3) of matches (regex "^\\(






+)") of “\this\is\a\test”

A: this

A: is

A: a

Just pick the parenthesized part that you need.

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Fantastic. I can see the usefulness of both methods immediately, but boyd’s solution works best for the issue I am trying to resolve. Thank you!