Screensaver Deployment Question

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I have deployed a screensaver application to a group of test computers but its not working for the current users. Looks like Bigfix had installed it as the SYSTEM account. Since screensaver is a user based application, is there any way to push out the software as the logged on users??

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Hi Ken,

Yes. Can you tell us how you deployed the screensaver application?

If it was through an executable, you might consider using the “runascurrentuser” application:

If it was through a registry key change, you can modify the relevance to use the HKEY_USERS branch of the registry for the logged on user:


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i am trying to determine which screensaver is currently being used, so i used this code:

"SCRNSAVE.EXE" of key 
"\HKEY_USERS\" & (name of key whose (value "Logon User Name
" of key "Explorer
" of key "CurrentVersion
" of key "Windows
" of key "Microsoft
" of key "Software
" of it as string as lowercase = name of current user as string as lowercase) of key "HKEY_USERS
" of registry) & "\Control Panel\Desktop\

in QnA I get an error “E: The operator “key” is not defined.”

what am i doing wrong?