SAM scanner installation error

(imported topic written by Shrawan91)

Hi All,

I have created a baseline for all three sam installation fixlet.

I have a pc on which when I install SAM baseline, itstatus shows error. I will tell you what I see in logs of the pc showing this status. I get Relevant beside Install DSS SAM Scanner which i can see in the log. Later, in the ActionLogMessage I see that action signature is verified but then just below that in the log it says Relevance substitution error, then it shows ending sub action and below it ending group action (completed) and the status of this action goes from evaluating to .

Please let me know a solution for this error as this is the only computer out 300 computers showing this error.

On some PC’s the action script fails on the copy line

Failed copy __Download\SAMScanner.exe “{parameter “samfolder” as string}\SAMScanner.exe”

Please can you assist me on this as well.


Shrawan Joshi