Running multiple Big Fix servers in same network

We got big fix server 9.5 for ILMT reporting and it’s only connected to power systems for license report. Can we use separate Big Fix server for endpoint devices for inventory and patching. We are not planning to use the power system for patching or inventory.

The same endpoints cannot be on different BigFix deployments but if its just “sharing” the network thats fine.

There is always an option to upgrade the system and use a single deployment for both as ILMT can be run with other products.

Thank you. My situation is big Fix server which is running for ILMT for licensing report and we don’t wanted to touch that system. So we are introducing separate system for patching and etc. So based on my reading and your comments we are not going to use the system already configured to contact the existing BF server so we are good to use the second server for rest of the system patching and etc.

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So these are completely separate systems (no client overlap)?

You’ll use one bigfix deployment to measure ILMT on one set of clients, and another Bigfix deployment to patch a different set of clients?

The ILMT clients won’t get patches, and the patch clients won’t get ILMT metrics?

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That’s Correct ILMT clients wont patch via Big Fix server.

In that case, it will work just fine.

Just to clarify, if you wanted to in the future, you can have a single root server that does ILMT for only a small subset of machines, and does patches for another subset. That said, keeping them separated if there is no overlap is completely fine to do.