RFE 97099: Vote for Supporting XMLUpdate.exe

Hey folks. Just got word that XMLUpdate.exe is no longer supported by IBM. Please consider up voting this RFE so IBM will re-support and continue to support non-NMAP unmanaged asset imports.

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It would be great if they improved it, but that may be to much to ask. Just continued support would be a great start.



If you opened that RFE, it would be helpful if you provided more detail about what kind of scan data you are importing using XMLUpdate, and why the NMAP scans are not sufficient for this environment.

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Hi Steve,

There is a PMR/SR open for this, and it is linked in the RFE. That has a whole bunch more data about this. BUT our XMLUpdate is failing with the default data and it fails when it tries to delete the entries in the Unmanaged Assets. The RFE is to get official support back for XMLUpdate, as IBM has dropped official support for it, regardless of the data.

The specific goal is to import a list of devices that are not in BigFix. We already have a system for registering devices on our network, and BigFix’s NMAP will NOT fill that void. Some of the devices are not directly accessible from the network BigFix is on, and some are on networks that can not be scanned by anything. But we still want to have accountability for these, and the best solution is to import it into BigFix directly. But that is broken.

We had this working, but then XMLUpdate failed. I didn’t pursue it since BigFix Web Reports is broken (non-admins can’t see Unmanaged Assets). But to be thorough I figured I would open the PMR and make sure that whatever has caused the imports to fail is corrected, so at least people can see the proper list in the Console.


not quite right Chris, this utility is supported via the forum but is not in the main BigFix product.
The RFE is to get it brought into the product as a fully supported utility within the product rather than as an add-on supported elsewhere.

Thanks for the history lesson Dave. Sounds like it was developed before my time.

When I had the issue initially and went to the forum there were no replies. I was going over old forum posts and found one from 2007 that said “we updated the Unmanaged Aset Import Tools”. I misunderstood the intention there and thought it was supported at that time.

So the short of it yes, the RFE is to have the tool supported by IBM as part of the product. Or at least some way incorporate non-NMAP unmanaged assets into BigFix.


You have my vote, sir. You should probably update the description to link back to this forum post for discussion as well.

…is the tool “working but not supported”, or “broken and not supported” right now?

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For the folks @IBM is it working but not supported. For me it is broken and not supported.

see latest email … :slight_smile:

For future reference, it is usually a good idea to make a forum post first and put a link to the forum post in the actual RFE fields somewhere like the description. You are probably passed the window that you can edit the RFE, though I did notice the link in the comments.

It would be great to have a lot more detail here about what the issue is, especially since I don’t know much about this. When does it work, what is the value, and when does it not work?