Returning the last line of a file

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I’m searching every where and can’t find what I would think would be easy…How do you just return the last line of a file? Thanks.

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This should help:

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OMG I quit…I totally looked at that thread but didn’t read the entire thing :(. Thank you! I was doing the exact same thing but trying to do it with a whose clause and couldn’t get it to work…

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Ha! Yeah, the Forum is great… but sometimes there is just so much darn straw that it can be hard to find the needle.

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I think this question is one of the test questions in our Fixlet Authoring training class… :slight_smile:


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Honestly, Ben,

I think it is too, I totally remember discussing it when I took the training like 3 years ago. But I couldn’t remember. Problem is they sent us to training like 6 months before they implemented to product, stuff gets stale after 6 months of not being used.