Restrictions Authentications Policies

How to Restrict such as Allow camera, allow location, allow wrong password input on lock screen, max inactivity lock time, password age, length etc

Device Security such as enforce encryption, block external SD card, allow install of non- windows storage apps, allow store auto to update etc.

Often the question isn’t really “How to do this with BigFix”, but rather “How to do this…at all”.

If you can help by describing the command lines or registry entries required to configure the policies that you seek, we can help you to deploy the configurations to all of your endpoints via BigFix, and to dewet the current state of your systems.

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For password policies, you can edit these settings. Open Local Security Policy > Account Policies > Password Policy.
External devices such as USB, CD roms, ect, can be disabled through group policy or the registry.
Check this for a basic guide to get started.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can translate all of it into a task.

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