Restart windows client machine

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We have a windows 2003 server client. When we restart(reboot) the client machine using the following action script in the task

restart 10

pause while {pending restart}

its status stays “Running” forever.

When i manually reboot this machine, i notice that it has a popup dialog asking you to select s reason for reboot in a dropdown list (see the attachment). It doesn’t have a default selection so you have to select one otherwise “OK” button is always disabled. I wonder if this dialog is the reason to prevent from rebooting using script. Any idea for solving this issue (assuming we cannot reconfigure to remove the dialog)?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi sguo,

You may want to use the Post Action tab of the Take Action dialog to handle reboots instead.

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Thank you, Jeremy. I tried post-action (see the attachment), it was not working either. I guess it requires manually selecting an option.