Reporting against a number of Baselines

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I was wondering if anyone can help? Each month I create a baseline for that month with the monthly Microsoft Patches. so last year I would have the following:

2011 January Microsoft Patches

2011 February Microsoft Patches

and so on.

I would then add these into one baseline to report against, call it Microsoft Patches Reporting Only. this would never be used to patch the machines with, just to report against in web reports.

Is there a better way to do this? the report I use is “Baseline Compliance by Computer Group”. I like this report because it is simple to use for other users and the printed report is very neat. I know about the “Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group v1.6” but the actual report that is printed is not to the same standard as the one from the Baseline Compliance Report.

Any advice would be welcome.

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If you go to the Explore tab set the filter fields to:-

Content - Name - contains - 2011 January Microsoft Patches

Then click the [+] button (not the ‘add clause’) and add a second filter to:-

Content - Name - contains - 2011 February Microsoft Patches

Providing the ‘Results Match’ condition is set to ‘Any’, you will get the results from both baselines.

Going one step further, you could just have the one Filter:-

Content - Name - contains - 2011

Then click ‘add clause’ and add:-

contains - Microsoft Patches

This will automatically pick up March, April, etc’s Baseline without having to change the report.