Relevance to Find DNS Zone for Computer

I have some computers that are going into a DNS zone that is not the default domain zone. Our domain is Most computers are going to the correct zone, but some are going to the zone Do I have to pipe a ping result to a file and then inspect the file for the suffix or is there an inspector to find the current dns zone. Another way to put this is that I want the results that would come from nslookup.

You can probably use one of these inspectors:


dns suffix of <network adapter>

This is Windows only though

Hi Alan,

dns suffix of adapters of network

does not return the correct answer.

I am going to try creating a file using the following and then create an analysis to read the file.

waithidden cmd.exe /C nslookup {computer name} > “c:\Windows\Temp\DNSZone.txt”

Be aware that will put a load on both your client, and on your DNS server.

If what you are saying is that the wrong records are registered on your DNS servers themselves, you should look at the DNS zone records server-side rather than trying to look at individual records from each client.

Should give the same result regardless of what client you use to perform the lookup. Run the queries from your admin workstation instead. It would be far better for your DNS admins to check this anyway.

If you are not getting a result on the client for the ‘adapters of network’ query above, you might check hklm\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters. I don’t recall the value name though.