Relevance Help Needed for Directory Mode

I’m trying to set a relevance for a directory that has the mode 0555 /adir dr-xr-xr-x for example.

Can anyone help?


To get the octal string as you’ve described, case the mode as octal string

Q: mode of folder "/etc/init.d" as octal string
A: 0755
T: 10836
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I prefer this method, which better preserves the right to left way that relevance is evaluated:

(it as octal string) of mode of folder "/etc/init.d"

It also allows the statement to be switched from singular to plural more easily:

(it as octal string) of modes of folders "/etc/init.d"

I find this more confusing:

mode of folder "/etc/init.d" as octal string

because I feel like it implies: (which it does not)

mode of ( folder "/etc/init.d" as octal string )