Relevance - Broken process

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I need some assistance with a task that I am creating to uninstall an app. The problem is that what I am using to check for relevancy no longer becomes relevant half way through the task so BigFix then thinks that the process is complete, when it is not.

Relevance: If a version of a file in Program Files\Test is less then version 10, run the task below. (#3 will delete this folder as part of the task though)


  1. Stop processes

  2. Remove Registry entries

  3. Delete Program Files\Test <—This is the folder it checks for relevancy. Once step #3 runs, BiFix thinks it is no longer relevant

  4. Reboot

  5. Install new software

  6. Reboot

Does anyone have any suggestions?

(imported comment written by BenKus)

Hey cstoneba

Actions in BigFix check relevance before and after running and action, but not during an action… but if a restart occurs, the agent will re-check the relevance before it restarts the action…

Try this… Create two Tasks:

Task 1: Step 1,2,3,4 with relevance that detects the software is installed.

Task 2: Step 5,6 with relevance that detects the software is NOT installed.

Put the two Tasks in a baseline (make sure you check the box to include the relevance in the Baseline for the first Task).