Release of New Power Management Features and Enhancements

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We are pleased to announce the release of the following set of features and enhancements for our Power Management site.

Highlights include:

  • More Granular Power Tracking:

A weekly reporting mechanism has been added to allow customers to break down tracked idle time based on whether it occurred during office hours or outside office hours, including workday versus weekend distinctions.

  • Power Profile Wizard Enhancements: Complex power profiles that support application by time of day and day of week can now be easily created and deployed using the Power Profile Wizard.

  • Client Side Dashboard Enhancements: End-users can now view the projected impact of an offered power profile and also apply an offer directly via the graphical dashboard without having to go to the “Offers” tab.

  • New Web Reports: Two new historical web reports were added to reflect the weekly power tracking data we now capture. Additionally, support for relative date inputs was added to all historical web reports.

  • Improved Setup: The BES Server Plug-in Service has been enhanced to use encrypted passwords.

  • Wake-on-LAN Directed Broadcast: We have added the ability to issue WoL packets via directed broadcasts, which do not require Wake-on-LAN forwarders or Last Man Standing computers.

  • Improved Accuracy in Power Calculations: An optimization has been introduced to improve the accuracy of power calculations. A custom report that highlights the calculation differences between the deprecated and enhanced versions of the Power Consumption Over Time report, as well as a document that details the changes, can be found at the following link:

  • Calculations Document: A calculations document was published to provide details on formulas and assumptions used in the product. The document can be found here:

  • Replacement Utilities for Windows XP & 2003: We previously used a utility named “SetACL.exe” as part of the process to change power profile schemes on Windows XP and 2003 machines. In this release, we have created the replacement utilities “regacl-32.exe” and regacl-64.exe” due to changes in licensing with the “SetACL.exe” utility. Power Profile Fixlets/Actions that were generated for application on Windows XP & 2003 machines may need to be stopped and recreated if the old utility is no longer cached on the targeted endpoints.

Details of these content updates, including recommended actions to take, can be found below.


Site: BES Support

Affected Fixlet Messages:

  • Update BES Server Plug-in Service (ID 708)


  • BES Plug-in Service Configuration Wizard

Site: Power Management

Affected Fixlet Messages:

  • Power Consumption Analyses (ID 2)
  • Enable History Tracking on Server (ID 32)
  • Update Store Power Data Utility (ID 83)
  • BES Server Plug-in Service is not Configured Correctly for Power Management (ID 67)
  • Enable Client Side Dashboard (ID 4)
  • Update Client Dashboard (ID 80)
  • Set “Default” Office Hours Assumptions (ID 85)
  • Enable Wake-from-Standby by Magic Packet - Windows XP/Vista/Win7/2008 and Mac OS 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7 (ID 54)
  • Disable Wake-from-Standby by Magic Packet - Windows XP/Vista/Win7/2008 and Mac OS 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7 (ID 55)

Affected Wizards/Dashboards/Web Reports:

  • Dashboard:

  • Power Consumption Summary

  • Power Management Health Checks

  • Wizard:

  • Power Profile Wizard

  • Manage Custom Assumptions

  • Web Report:

  • Weekly Power Consumption Over Time

  • Weekly Idle Time Breakdown Over Time

Actions to Take:

  • Update Store Power Data Utility (ID 83)
  • Update Client Dashboard (ID 80)
  • Use the BES Server Configuration Wizard in the BES Support site to Update BES Server Plug-in Service to support encrypted passwords and encrypt the SOAP password.

–Power Management Health Checks Dashboard can be used to verify the updates.

–Stop and recreate power profile actions on 2003 and XP machines if the old utility named “SetACL.exe” is no longer cached on the targeted endpoints.

Published site version:

Power Management, version 36

BES Support, version 926