Relays in Parallel BES Installations

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We will have two parallel BES installations where different groups of clients and servers at the same location will ultimately report into two different BigFix servers at a central location (don’t ask … it is a long story). Now the question is do clients only report into relays that have a matching masthead or will they report into any relay that responds via ICMP. If the latter is true then what is the possible impact to BES operations.

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Hey Rodney,

Technically, if you tell a BES Client to report to a BES Relay, it will try to connect even if it is not a member of the same deployment. This shouldn’t cause any problems because the BES Client will fail to gather new actions (it will consider the actions invalid because the digital signature doesn’t match) and the BES Server will reject any results it sends because it will detect the results belong to a different deployment.

Normally, you won’t get into this situation though because the BES Clients won’t ever try to connect to the BES Relays that don’t belong to same deployment. BES Clients get a list of the BES Relays from the BES Server and they only try to connect to this list with automatic relay selection (rather than some sort of broadcast to all computers).


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Excellent … this is good news.

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