Relay version compatibility


I have using multiple relay in my environment, My TOP level relay version is 9.2.0 and other child relay version 9.2.7 (8 relay’s), so is there any version compatibility during the relay version
Like Action perform mean the action will be succeed (or) failed something.


You should update all of your relays to be the same version, but there shouldn’t be any major problems with slight variation in the version.

What is the reason you haven’t updated them all? It makes sense to do so cautiously and not all at once, but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do so eventually. Also, it makes the most sense to update the top level relay first, and work your way down.


I have running same version in main bigfix server and all relay and clients,
i just asking while doing if there any major problem happing (ex: Patch deployment failed, Property not reported properly)