Relay Affiliation - Automatic Selection - Bes Server

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Dear Friends, I need clarify this topic.

We are using Relay Affiliation groups to assign our client to relays. But a lot clients (+1000) do not use relays in Relay Affiliation group, use the bes server as primary relay. Is it posible avoid that client use bes server has primary relay?. I see Relay Affiliation group for BEs Server is *, but i dont know if i can change this without affect normal behavior.

Additional some cliente dont use their most close relays and register at bes server too. We are on 8.1.634 version and we are plannig upgrade to 9.1.


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You can remove the BES Server from any affiliation groups, and just designate one relay as a failover that can be in the * group instead. You will want to do new client installs using a clientsettings.cfg in this case, so you can specify a relay to use instead of the server, by default.

It is still possible for clients to select the server as their relay even in this configuration, but it should only occur if there is problem selecting the intended relay. You should enable debug logging on problem clients and send a relay select command. This should help you identify if we’re not getting a response to ICMP pings or there is a DNS resolution problem, or something else occurring.

Upgrading to a more current release will likely help, as well, since I do recall a couple of relay selection issues in the v8 timeframe.

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Thanks Steve, we will try this change to prevent that client use bes server has primary relay. Thanks!