Reboot During Install?

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I have two questions:

I have an install followed up by a patch. After the install you have to restart the machine before you can do the patch. Can this be done in 1 task?

The next question is within a task you can Action1 and create another. How does that work with the task?

Is it just to give an option on which action to apply when you go to take action if you created another?

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A single action cannot restart the system and pick up where it was in the action. This action would be considered “Failed” if the system or the client restarted while running it.

To do this type of thing you would have to have multiple actions that would look at the install state of your application and also check to see if there was a pending restart to wait for that to complete as well.

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Put your multiple actions into a baseline. At the point of reboot, use the native ‘restart’ actionscript command. If you allow an installer or some other mechanism to initiate the reboot, the action will fail. The following task in your baseline will want to have a mechanism for keeping it from rolling forward and being partway through that task when the actual reboot takes place. One way to do that would be: pause while {pending restart}