Reading a Console preference in relevance?

Hey guys. Is it possible, via Relevance, to read a Console property?

I have a request from a customer to display in a relevance statement: A list of computers that are displayed in the console as Greyed-out/Offline. I have a simple query like this -
(name of it & " : " & ((now - last report time of it) / minute) as string ) of bes computers

Note that Im getting a value for (now - last report time of it ) for each computer in Minutes. It would be very useful if I could read the value that appears in the Console under File -> Preferences, “Mark as offline after X minutes”.
Is there a way to read the value for X so I can use it in my relevance statement to indicate which computers are considered offline ( or would be greyed out in the console )?

Thanks a lot folks !

That value is unique to every console user, so there isn’t a method to get that directly in session relevance. It is stored in a registry value called OfflineToleranceDiff under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Console\Preferences. So you could create a property that returns this value, but since each console user can have their own value (even each user accessing via the same terminal server), I’m not sure how you would decide on the right value to use.

I think the better approach would be to ask them what they set it to, hardcode a specific time, or prompt them to enter the time when running the report.

I think that the default time to grayed-out is 15 minutes (in my environment we have increased it to 1 hour). I agree with @steve that you need to determine what timeout you wish to report and hardcode it into the query. Once you’ve determined that value, a couple of queries that are helpful:

names of bes computers whose (now - last report time of it > 45 * minute)

number of bes computers whose (now - last report time of it > 45 * minute)
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Default heartbeat is 15 minutes, and default mark offline time is 45 minutes.

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Thanks Steve. I’ve edited my post above per the 45-minute offline time.

Thanks for the replies guys!