Quickly explain some agent/service questions?

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  1. The CPU is contained to about 2 percent of the CPU, is there a way to make that even lower?

  2. As I understand it, the agent/service wakes up every x milliseconds to see if it needs to do work, can you slow that down and exactly what is it checking?

  3. There is a poll/update back to the relay (I forget the default), we set it to 30 seconds. What exactly is it doing and how much traffic would you expect to go across the network?

  4. There is a daily update that sends the configuration across the network. How often is that by default, and about what is the size uploaded?

  5. We are seeing a noticable slowdown on a busy Microsoft cluster that is basically a large file server with millions of files. Any suggestions on how to deal with this one server?



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Hey Rich,

  1. Yes. The BES Client will tend to use <1% of the CPU on average and will usually have small spikes between 0-2%. Use the Task “BES Client Setting: CPU Usage” to change this behavior or see the KB article at http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=250.

  2. Yes. The agent will work for 10ms by default and then sleep for 480ms by default. This roughly correlates to the 2% CPU usage (10/490 = .02). The agent is in a constant evaluation loop where it will check all the Fixlets and actions to see if they are relevant. It will also periodically do things like gathering, sending up results, etc. This is a big part of our agent technology that allows for “constant evaluation” (as opposed to periodic batch processing of everything). To use our marketing-speak, this is part of how we accomplish “real-time visibility and control”.

  3. You will have to be more specific on which setting you are referring to. If you are referring to the “heartbeat” (which is default every 15 minutes), then it is sending up the differences in the properties (rather than sending them all). This information is compressed at the relay and then forwarded to the server. These tend to be a few hundred bytes but it can vary depending on the properties. For instance, on my deployment here, I see a heartbeat of 732 bytes, which I consider typical (if there are a lot of clients reporting, the compression ratio is higher). Typically an agent will tend to use about 50kb per day spread throughout the day, but this will vary depending on the deployment details. Note that this is information transferred between the BES Agent and the relay, which tends to be on a faster network connection. We generally consider the agent reporting traffic negligible traffic (even on slow connections) even though it communicates fairly often.

  4. The agent will automatically gather new actions and Fixlets when they are ready (it receives a notification), but it will also check for new Fixlets/actions daily. This interaction is compressed, digitally signed, and differenced. The typical traffic tends to be anywhere from a couple hundred bytes if there is no new Fixlets to 3 KB or so if there are some new Fixlets/actions. Once again traffic between relay/agent that generally is considered negligible.

  5. You should start a trouble ticket to see if we can find the nature and source of the slowdown (is it CPU related, network related, IO related, etc?) It is very rare to find that there is an issue caused by an agent (although the BES Agent is often blamed for problems because it is active in the Task Manager and looks suspicious).

In the event that the agent is somehow causing the slowdown, you can consider modifying the CPU usage as you asked about in #1 or consider putting the agent in “Quiet Mode”, which makes the agent go to sleep completely for a large part of the day. (See http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=247). If you put the agent in quiet mode, you lose the ability to control it during the quiet times and it won’t report until it wakes up.


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By the way… Here is more information on agent resource usage: http://support.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/kbdirect.pl?id=43


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what’s the maximun clients per relay. or clients per relay ratio

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See this page: