Question on _BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB

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Hi All,

We are getting some failures on deployments mentioning the setting _BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB setting. I was trying to look around for more information on this setting and the only hit I got was on

In this document it says that the default value is 20 then in brackets “20 GB”. But since the key says MB, I am wondering if this is actually 20 MB and this was just a mistype. I am pretty sure this could not be 20 GB as I would have a lot more of these failures if it was :slight_smile:


This setting stops both stages of downloading (normal stage and pre-caching stage) if the free space of the disk on which the client stores downloads is less than the value of this setting.

Default Value: 20 (20 GB)

Setting Type: Numeric (MB)

Value Range: 0 - 2147483647

Task Available: No


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The number is the number of megabytes required to be free on the drive

_BESClient_Download_MinimumDiskFreeMB defaults to 20 megabytes

The client will retry every 10 minutes up to the retry attempts to get the file in case the space is freed.

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We have updated the documentation you mentioned to indicate the default of 20MB rather than 20GB. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.



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When someone asked me earlier today, I was sitting looking at it going “what the …?”. Glad to see you can fix that doc so fast :slight_smile:

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If there is any drive threshold policy created by ibm endpoint manager task (or) fixlet?

if it is possible please share the relavance code.

For Ex: In IBM Endpoint Manager client installed on “C:” drive, but the C:\ drive space only 2 GB free space available.

so that can we create any policy to not deployed (or) download the patch from IBM Endpoint Manager Server, any threshold policy.