Query in Database Regarding Deleted Baseline

Hi All,

Is there a way to know who deleted my baselines?
I have seen in the database the “LastModifier = 9” but I dont know how to search the user/operator “9”.

Which table is this belong so that we can query and found who is responsible.

Thank you.

Hello Pogi,

Please try the following query:

select Username
where MastheadUsername = (
select Username
inner join VERSIONS V on P.ID = V.ID AND P.Version = V.LatestVersion
where P.ParentID = 1 AND dbo.fn_ExtractField('CustomSiteName', 0, P.Fields) = 'test1' 
AND Name = 'I''m deleting this baseline'

My baseline was located in the custom site “test1” and it’s name was: "I’m deleting this baseline"
Note in a query a single quote in a name had to be repeated twice.


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This works Sir, Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Hi Sir @vnovik,

I have Identified who deleted the baseline now thanks for your help.

What about the deployment Sir, Can I query in the database who deployed the specific baseline?

Thank you so much for the help.


Deployed actions (even from baselines) will appear in the Console unless also deleted.

Again, I would recommend contacting support here if querying the BigFix database directly is required.

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