Query for installed fixlets on servers

Hi Team,

Please help me with the TEM Database query which can fetch the installed fixlets on a particular server or on all servers as when i am fetching this report from Webreport it always taking more than 12 hours.


What exactly is taking 12 hours?

Do you have a SQL query or Session Relevance query that you can provide that you are already attempting to use?

It definitely should not be that hard to query the action history of a single computer if the query is written correctly.

As long as the actions are not deleted, then it should be possible to get this info through session relevance.

If any of the actions are deleted, then your only option would be to use the Database views to query the BFEnterprise database, as long as that history has not been flushed with the Audit Trail Cleaner.

All of this is to say, there is a maximum scope available to query depending on your situation.