Query custom site

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I’m trying to get the site id for a specific custom site. The rest query does not return any of the custom sites defined but the api /api/sites does return all of the expected custom sites. When I run the query api/query?relevance=(ids of it, names of it) of all bes sites whose (custom site flag of it) it runs successfully but returns 0.296msPlural</Query

I also tried using (ids of it, names of it) of bes custom sites, which according to the inspector document is deprecated by the command used above. It runs but does not return any sites. And if I run this command, /api/query?relevance=(names of it, ids of it) of all bes sites, I get all of the non-custom sites.

I’m stumped on how to get the custom site information.

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Rob, I think the issue is custom site’s don’t have ID’s assigned (at least in my deployment they don’t).

The first query you wrote works for me if I remove the id of it part.

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Mark, Thank you. It never occurred to me that a site might not have an id. Looks like something special going on with those.