Properties of server processors

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I’m trying to figure out how properties of all my “Windows” servers. What I need to know is processor type, speed, single/dual/quad core and hyper threading enabled? This is what I have so far:

(significant digits 2 of (speed of main processor / mhz)) as string & " MHz " & family name of main processor as string & (if it > 1 then " x" & it as string else “”) of ( if ( exists true whose ( if true then ( exists physical processor count ) else false ) ) then physical processor count else number of processors )

This returns the following “example”

2800 MHz Intel® Xeon® CPU X5560 @ 2.80GHz

2800 MHz Intel® Xeon® CPU X5560 @ 2.80GHz x2

How do I know if it is single, dual ro quad core and if hyperthreading is enabled?

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I found this:

In 8.2, there is an object called cpuproperty where you can get this information. For example, I ran the following on my machine which has an i5 with hyperthreading enabled:

Q: smt enabled of cpupackage

A: True

Q: core of cpupackage

A: 2

Q: number of processors

A: 4

You can see the traditional way of using the processors object gives a different answer. Hope this helps!

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q: properties of type “processor”

A: vendor name of : string

A: type of : integer

A: family of : integer

A: extended family of : integer

A: model of : integer

A: extended model of : integer

A: stepping of : integer

A: feature mask of : integer

A: speed of : hertz

A: brand id of : integer

A: family name of : string

A: brand string of : string

T: 0.356 ms

I: plural property